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"Shiner" (2021)

Much Better

I’ll be who I want to, cause it won’t feel much better


Time (Done Being Late)

Time you’re a heavy game

The love you always had now ain't the same

Why do things have to change?

I guess I’ve found that I'm lost in a whole new way


Sometimes you do the wrong things right

Only to find what you need was there the whole time


I could use a sunny day

But Ohio you just won’t play my game

I want my work to stay

Something I can’t quit no matter what I’m paid


Sometimes you do the wrong things right

Only to find what you need was there the whole time

Sometimes you see the moon just right

Only to find that you did your best your whole life


Don’t spend forever

Counting the days and the folks that you treated wrong

Just try a little better

To say sorry to the ghost as you pass and move along

Move along


Shake the Dust

I get the feeling that it’s my time

To shake the dust before the snow

I cross the line, but on the good side

And I can’t see the meaning that you wrote

And I can’t see the ceiling through the smoke


Trying hard to have a good time

And staying healthy is a joke

I spend the day to see the moonlight

And the owl sings a song upon the oak

I try to listen while he’s telling all he knows


What would I do?

Some say that the coast is clear

Some say that your ghost is what you know

Do you think you

Run fast if the end’s in sight?

Don’t fret get to sleep tonight


What would I do?

What can I do?


Cool Shade

I’m fallin’, don’t follow

I’m pretending I am one to believe

Come autumn don’t call me

I’ll be living a dream beneath


The cool shade tree of the summer

The fruit that I can reach

And if I follow through like I used to do

Would you still be on my side?


Though I coulda done better

Though I coulda done more


I’m falling, don’t follow

If you do you’ll find a home in the leaves

Come autumn don’t call me

I’ll be singin in a dream I weave


A sunday spent with your mother

A jim song by the creek

And if I follow through like I know to do

Would you still be on my side


Though I coulda done better

Though I coulda done more

Get your mind off the weather

Get your feet out the door



I walk on a tightrope firming up things to believe

My face has seen less than the lines that you see may perceive

I fall to the toss up of new ways to throw away sleep

The weights on my chest make my heart like the roots with no tree


I’ve always done things the same way

I’ve always done things the same wrong way


Pain just like a counterweight threw enough life away

I’ve bought more time but to my dismay

It won’t change til’ I do


X Chorus X


The Man you Knew

How long did I fall?

I closed the blinds and left on time with no hope at all

Too soon, too small

No dollar sign, or chosen rhyme could bring back your call


But could I get it now?

Could I stand as tall as you?

And if you weren't around

Could I be the man you knew?


Walk fast, walk fast 

To the people you know that can get you to laugh

Breathe deep when they say

They’ve got your back and none will judge no matter the day


But would they hear me out?

Would I lie or tell the truth?

And if they weren’t around

Would I be the man you knew?


Truth of the Matter

Would you know if last year called in that you did your best?

Did you buy all lies you came by? Truth is hard to find


You can try to hold us down

But the truth of the matter we’re all gonna stick around

You can feel the love compound

Cause the king don’t matter if the king ain’t got a crown

He’s going down


New day came in tried the same way to stay on my feet

I’ve been hopeful, weirdly social, soon our time will come


X Chorus X


Young & Able

Cops showed up at the start of the day

Mom ain’t right and the kid runs away

Just how long will the poison run deep?

Just how long will the trouble you keep hold you? 


The old run strong at the top of the stairs

So much wrong with the feel in the air

Sun shines bright, but the young stay dark

I wish their pain wasn’t something they had from the start


I wish you could see what I see in you (seeing me)

You’re young and you’re able, you gotta work for a stable long life


X Chorus X


Try your best keep true to the light

In a fucked up world it might just save a life


The Day Before Your Last

You gotta grow up to get cut down

You gotta go far to come around

The well won’t hold when the river floods

The pain won’t stop til’ you say it does


Be proud of the calm you made

Leave it in the past you’re done being late

Your heart was the nightly call

Of each and every star that burned to fall


It’s almost done

My time in the sun

Stay true shine one

You’re fine if you run


It’s over now the hardest water

It’s over now it’s all behind us

"Long Way From Home" (w/ Super Sport) (2021)


Long Way From Home

Meeting in the middle on a thought I don't agree with

When I think of loving on you

Time is just a measure that we pour ourselves a spoonful

When we think we need something new

I just want you lonely like myself

Home, long way from home

Might as well get stoned 

And look up at the stars

Far away from home maybe I should smoke a long one

And look up at the sky til' it falls 

I found the essence that I need to make the switch a clean one
I gotta pull my back from the wall

"Fixing The Strings" (2018)

Bring It Back

Every time you go and take what was not gave

In the night do you lay awake

Every time I think about what I would say

My timing is too late to bring it back

All the while you'll be way too far away

I guess we both got bills to pay

I'd pay it all just to sleep until the fall

I'd be the best in the waiting game

To bring you back

It's about time that I come up the line

I still recall when it all seemed to stop on a dime


You and I are going down to the waterside

Where we lay all day

When we leave our house we made of leaves

Where will I stand?

Will I know if its past my time to go?

Will I trust myself?

My whole life I have waited for the chance to buy

A house to call my own

You'll be there on the porch in a rocking chair

And I'll have your hand

I don't mind, it'll come at the right time

I still can't see clear enough to know when I should know

And I just spent my common sense on a chance to throw the bone

Keep Me Up

You are so hard to read

Why can't I see what you really mean

Since I was young

I waited for respect to come

I won't waste my time, I will find something better now

You don't keep me up

I won't waste my time, til' we are together now

Then you keep me up

So sick of waiting for the things I created to finally drop the pessimist

A draft it will stay until the idea fades and the strings that I fixed pull apart again

Can I Love You More

I hope to see you in the morning, and I hope you feel ok

If there's something that you're needin', please babe let me know

I say bye, hop in my car to pass the time

Can we go?

Can I love you more 

Do you smile when I walk through the door

Babe I know what you'll say

Then I smile when we talk the same way


We'll go swimming, where have we been?

We'll go swimming where the river ends

I will find my mind


Gone with color that I lost with time

Gone too long and I'm coming back up the line

I will find peace in idle time

In my eyes I see clearness and happiness is at its nearest to me

The next year will be our greatest and what we want won't hesitate on us

What we want won't hesitate on us

You'll Find Me There

Fate came and knocked on my door

I chose not to answer and laid on the floor

While I laid I dreamt of a day (dreamt of a way)

When you and I could just get away

What do you need

I'll be where you need

You'll find me there, you'll find I care for you

When I see you there, I hope you love me too

Don't Go Slow

I hope to see you in the coming time

Lay alone in the morning light

I hope to god that you stay around

The liar said on the day they left town

Don't go too slow

I hate it when you have to leave and we both just hesitate

Last night when your head felt as light as mine

I looked into where we'll be in the coming time

We'll be there with the best company


Here I stand a changed man from last week

I sat outside the house that grew me up

The tree I hit still bears the scar that I left

I feel the same after leaving Ave, I know it's best

And if you want to see that phase

I'll find a way we can make it

You know I will find it some way

You know I will find it, I'm gonna make you my wife some day


The darkness I fight showed me the way back home

I'm doing fine but sometimes I feel alone

The weather is alright but time has been moving slow

I've gotta find the key to make the garden grow

About the time I called you I had done most at a glance

Fixed the strings, sat outside & gave some wrong thought a chance

But in a tireous way I just thought my day away

"Don’t Make Me Wait" (2017)

Don't Make Me Wait

Don't make me wait for time to culminate

And i turn my page and see my part is coming late

Don't make me wait


I should've known by the way that i am

That a living ain't made from the place that i'm in

I should've seen by the way that its been

That work ain't free what about me


I should've known.
I should've seen.

“Windshield Rhythm" (2015)

Talk A Lot / Your Light

Talk a lot repeat and fade away

Sit beneath a thought to feel astray

I smelled inside the stream of compare

Where did I begin, and son from where?


Faces blank will try to hide his blame

Television says the law will reign

Darkness will call, see not the way to fall

Find those like I, peacetime can magnify


Your love should be a little longer

Your light should be alright

Come up, come up thru the bottom

Your light should be alright


Strung Up High

We were strung up high thinking of each word I said

It was clear It would not help us


It’s so bright that I cannot see straight

Light I see the light you emanate

I hope this light stays the same


We were strung up high looking for answers

It was clear it would not help us


Don't take me to a place where I cannot breathe

It's not a forest without continuity

Don't take me to a place where I cannot breathe

Upward growth collective negativity


I love your smile


Get Yourself Up

For the first time now

I see myself the way you do

Why then can’t i replace?

& Where is that smile on your face


Get yourself up

Break it up

Get yourself up

Before you lose too much


So concerning how you dispose me

Have you heard


Have you heard your mind give yourself a compliment one time

Have you seen the way I look at you each day


Faces / Not The Way

Faces in the sky I see clarity

Signs in the wall they fade to green

I think about all that I've done

Done as much as a newborn son


Now is the time to be undone

Change priority one


Passerby don't classify

Don't use hate to testify

I slept through all that is real

To reshape a way to feel


Now is the time to make a change

Reshape the future pain


it's not the way that you act when I need it

it's my mind, how I feel to believe it


Heard A Tree

Heard a tree far away

It's a wonderful day

Smile embrace

Hoping for a happy human race


I think about where I went

When I first lost my head

Quality content

But somehow the time I spent felt good



Pass the stopping line

Two days i can't divide

Who will be my son

Whose brother a thought undone


Alive but just by night

I can smell new time

Who will be me next

What life will walk my steps


Decompose return to be regrown

We are woven into the past we've sewn



Salt drips down my face, how long can I wait

For me to come back a simple daunting task that makes me hurt


Alone without you is hard to smile, separated time we have compiled

Well AJ my dear I ain't got much to fear cause I know

Inside each other we grow


Breathe and shape what is real, love with you the only thing I feel

I'm lost in a space images of your modest grace

Our time the future’s pace


Stay At Home

Alone but kept awake by the fire

Come to find what I desire

Warmth has kept me bound to bed

Constant snowfall from your head


It's the wrong time of year to go

Christmas I'll stay at home

Let the world outside be always there

Inside our love we share


Red inside soon unwinding

Grip of time release your binding

Find escape when there's discover

Mind feels contrast when you are my lover


Been So Long

It's been so long since we spoke

Lines made excuses I would choke

And an endless wrong becomes everlong

Soon we will fall asleep


Emptied my gas and drove my steps

No car can take me where my head

Can lead me to

The lies that make you leave


So don't think that I can try to magnify

I just wanna see the lies that you feed

The lies we all eat

“Don’t Think” (2015)

Don’t Think

Don't think, don't emulate the rest

Black tar satisfies the best


Who we are, who are you to judge

Play the fool or don't play anyone


Face the sideways car

Face it when the morning comes along


Don't think just satisfy your mind

Learn the way ones older have survived


Who we are, who are you to judge

Play the fool or don't play anyone

Who are you what have you done to me

Sideways mind looks like a melody


Face the sideways car

Face it when the morning comes along


Up Goes The Fire

I don't know if you said to

I know now what I should do

Backyards with fires and spirits

Wake up the whole town shoutin' out lyrics

Place it in your hand sticky side down

Open up the fire there is nothing found

Wide eyes holding in a desire, up goes the fire


I wonder what the world is like

No smile and a pen like a sharp knife

Closer to the ground I stay anchored

One day there will be no hate and no anger

Take the world in slow motion

Find the motion in the ocean

Wide eyes holding in a desire, up goes the fire


World Erase

For you, the sun it beats on

A smile for a familiar song

These things we can do to leave our kids a better place

These thoughts that they feed to you


Make the world a word to erase


Remember to be, remember for me

The way things used to be

Look at the sky and feel so high

And not by the drugs that you take

But the words and the thoughts you create


I heard the season call

Fall won't seem to come at all

A grumbling earth releases more every day

So soon there won't be space


(Don't) make the world the world a word to erase


Morning On

Morning on with an eye on the world

Patience calls through times of under-heard

My brain, it falls through the gravity

Long lives the time with no fidelity


Last day of the month and she tried to pour her rain

One whose left behind an example to the pain

I tried to lay right down and ease my mind away

A thought for the time that is gone after today


When the time moves slow and the wind will never call

Find a way to roll, and there you'll never fall


One with the earth through all that it will hide

Inspired left awake by the passing paradigm

Soon I will see where my drifting has arrived

Inspired left awake by the passing paradigm


How I Feel

And I seem incomplete

Spatially I am apart from the way I see me

And the words I speak

I speak incomplete


See the breath, hear the touch

But right now I cant see much

About the way I should be when a drug hits me

For the ninth time today


I felt so bad

For myself for way too long

It passed the time, but I should carry on


I see where the future is taking me

But I know that a change cannot consume how I feel

How I feel is up to me


Enemies & Friends

Gather all my enemies and my friends

And let good times roll again

If I leave today my work is done I'm on my way


When I think about how the police man got me down

He took my car and left the gal, then took me down to town hall


Four days through cement walls with nothing in my head but the fall

Of dignity on fourth of july. hang me up, hang me up to dry


December Third

Right now has got me down

The last time I dreamed it wasn't for me

A different sound will do me right

Awaken my thought forget about sight


Laughter lingers on, it makes me smile forget the wrong

Past the way to be. tangle up my trouble tree


You always said just take care of it


I took a walk to clear it all

Remembered getting bailed out of jail for adderral

I love my time, the way its spent

But once it's used up it ain't mine ever again


Sun Don’t Shine

The sun don't shine at the sight of your smile

I asked the wind for a break

Sit beneath all the weight of my lies

Please don't try to change the pace

Of this live we live.


We live on


I felt the trees as my eyes began to close

One I won't feel anymore

I had to leave to live life on my own

To let my eyes freely roam


And i'll move on

And you'll move on

And we'll move one


Pass the time

Pass on good times


Better Things

Dear old friend, do come back

The dreams in my head all out of whack

I don't know who I have become

Is this a daydream or am I spun


Simply stated my time feels faded

And I've been waiting for the day when I can move along


I looked in the mirror. what did I see?

A strange old face that can't be me

The year has changed, ten months have passed

Since the last time I saw my own face laugh


Dear old friend, don't you leave

Insane is how my lonesome heart would be

Can you hear, just what I say

If I tell you that I love you, will you be here today

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